Let's go.

Anna Kalita: elegant typographic logo for a makeup artist.
Real Inspires: energetic green strike branding element for a visual intelligence agency
armare project
Myanmar Advertising Network, MOA: colourful geometric logo.
oromia logo design
Pinnacle: geometric symbol for a talent brokering organization.
NHANCE symbol
little wings symbol
Table & Twine branding
coffeheads symbol
American Industrial Design
Freshpep: playful lettermark for an online organic food shop.
Miya: Logo redesign for a NY-based importer and wholesaler of Japanese tableware and gifts.
keauti logo
Project Detail: P+D geometric symbol for a premium Australian auto detailing company.
Les Belles project
TANE: logo redesign for a NY-based video production company.
EarlyBird visual identity symbol
Code Bléu: conceptual logo for a handmade shoe company.
rezen branding project
innerspace: logo design for a UK kitchen furniture holding.